State Government's Transport Departments
The first really big government initiative to use smart card technology has come in the Transport segment. The Government of India has issued a Notification encouraging all State Governments to move towards using smart card technology for issue of Vehicle Registration Certificates and Driving Licence.

While the Government of India is supporting the initiative and has created a common software platform that helps in inter- operability, the basic work will be done by the state governments' transport departments. A large number of State Governments have already taken concrete steps in this initiative. Rosmerta has been marketing aggressively to these governments.

State Government's Registration Departments
The Inspectors General of Registration in state governments process millions of documents each year all over the country. A large portion of these documents are property registration documents which if converted to smart card application would yield tremendous benefits both to the government and the property owners, similar to that as are delivered in the transport segment.

Central Government Departments
There is tremendous potential in initiatives being undertaken by department of the Central Government for the Issue of Smart Card based Ration Cards. The project will be huge in sheer size and scope.