Investor's Relation

Investor’s relations:

Rosmerta’s philosophy is that its stakeholders should benefit from the creation of Shareholder Value, captured through key financial parameters such as Earnings Growth, Free Cash-flow Generation and Sustainable, above-Cost-Of-Capital Return on Capital Employed.

This is Rosmerta’s clear vision, and so far, even at its relatively early stage of corporate evolution, Rosmerta is already displaying its skills. The Company generates free cash every single month, and this will only increase significantly as its entire portfolio of orders come on-stream. Rosmerta’s business model of long-running contract gives it visibility spanning many years, and makes its business recession proof. This unique characteristic makes Rosmerta a very valuable company. Rosmerta has the kind of investment that can withstand the vicissitudes of economic cycles.

Rosmerta is a debt-free company presently, but is not averse to using some degree of leverage in the future, in order to enhance its Return on Equity (RoE). Given the huge growth opportunity ahead of it, Rosmerta feels confident that it will deliver on its objectives of delivering long-term, sustained Shareholder Value.