Rosmerta Technologies Ltd. is a young, zestful and vibrant company that represents the modern age companies in India. The company believes in innovation, agility, new opportunities and outstanding execution skills. Rosmerta has only one focus area- to add Shareholder Value through superior Return on Capital, accompanied with free cash generation.

Engaged in the business of applying smart card-based technology to various paper-based applications that affect the common man in his daily life, Rosmerta enforces tested technologies to uncover new and innovative fields of application that simplify the lives of people across the nation.

With a widespread presence, Rosmerta is by far the largest player for e-governance and transport solutions in India.

In its short history, Rosmerta has been able to win prestigious projects for issuing Hybrid Optical Strip Smart Card Technology-based Vehicle Registration Certificates ("VRCs") and Driving Licence ("DLs") to different states of India. Successful implementation of these projects with near-flawless execution - almost 35 million VRCs/DLs issued/supplied, bear testimony to Rosmerta's outstanding multi-mode capabilities, ranging from winning business to successfully executing, all within reasonable cost and time. Rosmerta operates from 300 nationwide locations, giving it a national footprint that further enhances its appeal to its customers.