Property Registration Cards

eGovernance initiatives under NeGP of Government of India calls for all state to move rapidly towards the following:

  • Property Registration
  • State Wide Area Network
  • eGramPanchayat
  • Common Service Centers
  • State Data Centers
  • Computerized Land Records


Among the above, Property Registration is one such area which offers enormous scope of improvement in its functioning. The reason being:

  • It is one of the largest revenue earners for any state in the country
  • With the economy growing, there has been a remarkable increase in the purchasing power of people


Rosmerta offers a smart Card based solution to further strengthen the eProperty Registration Process and eliminate the existing pitfalls.


Key objectives of eProperty Registration:

        • Simplify the registration process
        • To substantially improves citizen interface
        • Eliminate fraudulent practices
        • Eliminate illegal registration of property
        • Paper based Property Registration Documents are susceptible to mutilation
        • Financial and judicial institutions are unable to distinguish between counterfeit & legal documents
        • Mis-declarations of property value, hence huge revenue loss to the government
        • No digital signature on the scanned document, hence no accountability


Advantage of Smart Card based Property Registration System

          • Smart Card retains data for more than 15 years
          • Data in the Smart Card cannot be tampered
          • Bank and financial institutions can verify the authenticity of document before hypothecation of property
          • Under-valuation of property while depositing Property Tax can be eliminated
          • Use of Smart Card will lead to efficiently managed tax collection resulting in revenue growth
          • Smart Card will improve the workflow between the Citizens, Government
          • Local Bodies and Financial Institutions
          • Biometric – use of fingerprint or iris image
          • Security Key - unique serial number in the pre – formatted area
          • Entire history of property sale and purchase can be stored
          • Durable – card structure is all poly carbonate, with excellent physical properties for long life
          • Supports all types of encryption and digital signatures
          • Detectable if data has been intentionally tampered