Smart VRC


Rosmerta has a huge contribution towards India’s hybrid Smart-Card based Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRCs) and ID programs.

The Smart-Card based VRCs was initiated to ease the life of the Road Transport Department, the Government and most importantly, the citizen, by replacing and putting an end to the paper-based VRCs that were subjected to fraud, loss, duplication, etc.

The VRCs printed have the following details on the cards:

  • Owner information
  • Optical Strip/ Microprocessor Chip (or both, as in the case of Hybrid smart cards) embedded on the card.


The Rosmerta Smart Vehicle Registration Certificate card (VRC), securely stores statutory data about the vehicle, its history, its registration details and the owner’s data.

Functioning of the VRCs: The system offers immediate access to information about drivers and their vehicles to the Police/Road Transport authorities in the field. Any Police/Road Transport officer equipped with a portable reader terminal is able to insert the vehicle registration card in the portable reader and instantly retrieve data about the vehicle and its owner, as well as records regarding certificate of pollution control etc. All data stored on the card is concurrently available in a central database hosted by the State Transport Department, thus verifying the legal status of a registered vehicle.

Benefits to the Government and Society

As a direct effect of a more centralized vehicle registration system, the government can reap the benefits of more efficient administrative processes:

  • Increased knowledge of vehicles in circulation.
  • Cost savings from significant reduction in processing times and paperwork.
  • Efficient recovery of traffic violation fines, registration fees and taxes.
  • Faster issuing of Vehicle Registrations.
  • Protection from purchasing illegally obtained vehicles.
  • Faster processing at state borders.
  • Enhanced protection against vehicle and identity theft.